con·nect /keˈnekt/ verb, Bring together or into contact so that a real  link is established.

worship @ gbc

Come be you... the real you. Regardless of your background, financial status, gender or skin color, you are welcome to worship at Grace Baptist Church.

You have found a safe place to be real. Led by a Pastor full of compassion and understanding for the Lord's church, this is a place to leave sin at the cross without fear of judgment. Our prayer is that we can rejoice together in Christ!

Welcome to Worship at GBC!

Join us on Sunday for our Bible Fellowship Classes at 9am, Worship Services at 10am and 6pm, and Bible Study on Wednesday at 7pm. CLICK HERE for service times and contact information.

Below, discover how you can connect to GBC as a family; a senior, single, young adult; student, or child.


Today it is difficult to find a home church, a real home church. Adults at Grace Baptist Church connect to our ministries because of warm friendly faces and straight forward bible teaching. We have age and gender specific ministries to encourage fellowship among like minded people who often become life long friends.


MS-HS students

The largest generation our world has ever seen has huge potential to reach the world with The Gospel! Students engaged in the ministries of Grace Baptist Church are challenged to be real. Trust us, they are a crazy bunch some times... Your parents won't have to force you to connect to this ministry!


k5 - 5th grade

Kid's ministries are often centered around fun where learning about Jesus is a bi-product. NOT at Grace Baptist Church. Our volunteers serve sacrificially to connect with your children by teaching them about Christ.They are a real inspiration to all other ministries at GBC.


NURSERY - pre-k

Security, comfort, and peace is our commitment to all parents with children in this ministry. We want you to be able to experience real worship, without the worry. The goal of this ministry is to provide fun, love, and care for your children while you connect with GBC.