grace tech (GT)

Church, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the GBCGT Crew. Its yearly mission: to explore strange new technologies, to seek out new life and new congregations, to boldly go where no church has gone before. (Sorry, our Tech Director is a bit of a geek, but he embraces it.)

Becoming part of the Grace Tech crew connects you to a family of volunteers who sacrificially give of their time and talents for worship services and special events. Our mission is to ensure the gospel message reaches our viewers, regardless of their schedule or location.

The various areas of Grace Tech are noted below. For more information on Grace Tech or to speak with our Technology Director call 336.788.8241 or email

Grace Tech volunteers mainly serve during Sunday AM & PM Worship Services at 10am and 6pm, and Wed. in the Chapel at 7pm. In addition, there are special events that take place annually at GBC that open opportunities to serve.

  • live audio mixing

    People with an ear for live audio mixing are few and far between. These volunteers are priceless to any church ministry. Crew in this area must have a substantial understanding of live sound needs and the equipment used. Running a sound board requires constant attention and quick thinking. Audio techs use a Crest 48 channel, analog sound board for all Sunday worship services and special events

  • online audio mixing

    Mixing audio on headsets is very different than live sound. Voices, instruments, and special speakers are all mic'd directly. Controlling the sound for our online viewers is the responsibility of this crew member. Volunteers who serve in this area use an I-pad linked to a Mackie DL 32R Digital Sound Board. 

  • computer & lights

    Our worship service uses many forms of audio/video to reach the congregation and those watching online. The visual appearance of the stage lighting and projection screens, following the praise team leader for song lyrics, bringing up lights for speakers, and editing service display needs are done by this crew member.

  • control room

    With viewers from more than 70 countries and almost every state in the USA, the viewing experience will fall under the supervision of this crew member. Directing three camera operators, running the digital broadcast panel, and collaborating with the PC operator requires outstanding multitasking ability.

  • camera crew

    Without these volunteers the control room operator would have nothing to show! Camera operators are creative, great listeners, and work together to create a experience for our viewers that gives them an opportunity to worship.

  • chapel tech

    Every Sunday morning we have an overflow service in our chapel building. Viewers from the chapel are able to be part of the worship experience while also engaging in the fellowship of the church. Audio mixing in the chapel is done in the same manner as the Online Audio Mixing.

  • photography

    For those with an "eye" for picture taking, GBC hosts many special events and church wide activities that can be captured and remembered forever through our online gallery and Facebook page. If you would like to be an official GBC Photographer get in touch with our Technology Director.