There are three foundational truths that guides us in our desire to help struggling churches experience revitalization.

First, we believe God has called us to reach our region for Christ. Whether it is in Winston-Salem, North Davidson County, Highpoint, Greensboro, or any other area in the Triad, we want to impact lostness. By that we mean that we want our region to be impacted by the gospel.

Second, we believe God's plan is the local church. Thriving and vibrant local churches are needed in order to see the Gospel advance. 

Third, Biblical churches are not to be in competition with each other, but working together to further the cause of Christ. While we are autonomous, we are not to be isolated, critical or competitive.

The Need

There are dozens and dozens of struggling churches in our area. These are churches that were once growing, thriving, and vibrant but have fallen on hard times for a variety of reasons. They have seen people leave their church, they are no longer reaching families, and their gospel witness is diminished compared to what it once was.

Many of these churches want to experiences revitalization, but they are not sure where to go. 

Scroll down to see if this is for you and how Grace may be able to help.

How Grace may be able to help

We offer three levels of potential involvement: Consulting, Partnership, and Merger.

Level 1- Consulting

In level 1 we volunteer our time to sit down with your church's leadership and hear the history of your church, the current challenges, and what you long to see happen. In this level, we simply offer an unbiased, honest, and fresh perspective of what needs to take place.

Based on that meeting or meetings, we will put together a multi-step action plan that we believe will give you the best chance of experiencing revitalization. Once that document is delivered, it is up to your church to put it into practice to whatever degree you choose.

Any desire for ongoing consulting should be discussed with our pastor, Dr. Jeremy Wallace.


Level 2- Partnership

In level 2 we would work with you to find a pastor, if needed. (We would want to look first at one of the men in our pastoral residency program.) We would also partner with you financially for a period of one year. If financial partnership is not needed, we would offer help, manpower, resources or expertise that would be beneficial to your church (i.e. graphic design, website development, organizational advice, training, facility remodeling, etc.) 

In exchange for this help, resources and/or expertise, we would require that a representative from Grace have a voice in the decision-make process of your church for that year. The decisions would still be yours to make, but we would want to be able to offer input for your consideration. This voice would help give clarity, an outside perspective, and ideas maybe not yet considered.


Level 3- Merger

In level 3 your church would come under the umbrella of Grace and its leadership. It is important to understand that each situation will be different. Since there is no 'one size fits all' scenario, it is important to be aware of several possibilities.

Merger Option 1- Your church would remain in its location with its current name, but Grace would provide a pastor, GBC members, and resources to help revitalize the church. The decisions for the church would be made by the leadership of Grace. If you have a current pastor who wishes to remain on staff, and this is agreeable to Grace, he would be considered on the staff of Grace, but ministering in that location.

Merger Option 2- Your church becomes a campus or a satellite of Grace. In this scenario, the name of your church would change. We would still help provide a pastor, GBC members, and resources to help revitalize the church. The goal would be to extend the ministry of Grace to your area in order to see the church in that location impact the community for Christ.

Merger Option 3- Your church becomes the location of a Grace-sponsored church plant. In this scenario your church closes and relaunches with a new name under the direction of Grace Baptist Church.

In each of these merger scenarios your church would deed its property and assets to Grace, and your members would be encouraged to join us in pursuit of which ever option was mutually selected.


You may choose to begin with basic consulting (Level 1) and then decide to move to a more formal partnership (Level 2). Those types of decisions can be made at the appropriate times. You don't have to jump into Level 2 or 3 unless you are convinced that it is necessary.

If you have questions, or want to learn more, email us at revitalize@gbcws.com.

Is This for your church?

Here are three categories of questions you can ask your leadership team to determine if it is time for your church to reach out and ask for help in seeing your church experience revitalization.


1- Do you average less than 50 in your Sunday morning worship service?

2- Has your attendance been stagnant or declining for more than 2 years?

3- Is there or has there been serious conflict in your church?

4- Is the average age of your regular attenders over 55?

5- Has it been more than a year since you have seen someone saved and baptized?

6- Are you struggling financially?

7- Do you struggle to keep or find a pastor to lead your church?

8- Is it unclear who is leading your church?

9- Are your facilities in need of a facelift?

If the answer to more than 5 of these questions is "YES," then this is an option you may want to pray about considering.


1- Is your church serious about reaching others?

2- Does your church want to grow?

3- Is there a longing to see God work?

4- Is there a holy dissatisfaction with the current situation?

5- Is there a desire to resolve conflict?

6- Is there a desire to look to Scripture in all things?

7- Is there a longing to glorify God?

If the answer to any of these questions is "NO," revitalization is not something you are ready for.


1- Are you willing to ask for help?

2- Are you willing to be honest about what has led to your current situation?

3- Are you willing to make needed changes in order to reach others?

4- Are you willing to sit down with another pastor and discuss your situation?

5- Are you willing to answer hard questions?

6- Are you willing to partner with another church?

7- Are you willing to consider all options when it comes to revitalization?

If the answer to these questions is "YES," then you are in a position to pursue revitalization.

About Grace

Please know that we do not have all the answers, nor do we think we know it all. We simply want to share what we have learned over the years in order to help other churches. We are not in competition with other churches in our area, we are on the same team, seeking to do the same thing, for the same reason.


Our church is lead by Dr. Jeremy Wallace who has over 15 years of pastoral experience in churches of various sizes (from 20 to over 1,500). He has an earned doctorate in Pastoral Leadership and is currently in classes receiving certification as church revitalization consultant. He is passionate about helping churches be all that God has called them to be.

He leads our staff of 7 full-time and 12 part-time employees.


Grace has a rich history of over 46 years. During that time we have seen God allow us to grow from around 70 on day one to a high Sunday attendance in 2018 of over 850. We are passionate about reaching others, growing in our relationship with Christ, and being biblical in all things.