grace world missions

Grace World Missions (GWM) is a mission agency that is founded by and grounded in the authority of the local New Testament church. GWM is founded by Grace Baptist Church of Winston-Salem North Carolina.  

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GWM has two separate and unique areas of ministry focus.


GWM operates the missions program of Grace Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Dr. Jeremy Wallace, our Senior Pastor, has the complete oversight of the mission program and all its operations. Our desire is to follow the model of Acts 1:8 which instructs to take the gospel both locally and globally. The day to day operations of Grace World Missions is handled under the watchful eye of Grace Executive Pastor, Ron Hawkins.

Grace's missions program supports 60 missionary families and 9 organizations. As a church, Grace is committed to missions with 20% of all tithes and offerings get transferred to the Grace Baptist mission program. 7 members of Grace are serving as career missionaries.

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GWM also operates as a mission agency, serving missionaries in their fulfillment of answering God’s call to missions. GWM exists to serve the local church as it sends missionaries into God’s harvest field. GWM, acting on behalf of the local church and not independent of the local church, provides accountability, training, and assistance to our missionaries as they carry forth their ministry, beginning with pre-field, continuing with on-field, and going forward through furlough ministries. GWM has developed a unique approach of acceptance of missionaries by utilizing a tiered approach to receiving missionaries into GWM.

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