Our Pastoral Residency program will launch in 2019. 

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Pastoral Internships/Residency

The pastoral residency program of Grace is an extension of our missions program and is focused on church planting, church replanting, and church revitalization efforts. While there will be exceptions, our goal is for everyone who completes a pastoral residency at Grace to move into a regional church planting, replanting, or revitalization effort in partnership with Grace.


The purpose of our pastoral residency program is not to build and staff ministries within our own church. Rather, we seek to provide an opportunity for future pastors to reflect on the nature of the church and pastoral ministry as it relates to church planting and church revitalization. While interns will be involved in the ministry of Grace, we will not build or root our ministry on interns.

Nothing fancy happens in the GBC pastoral residency program. We simply want to show regular day-to-day ministerial life and provide men who are aspiring to be involved in church planting, church revitalization, or traditional pastoral ministry the ecclesiological and pastoral grid for doing such a work.

When an individual completes a GBC pastoral residency, our goal is for them to immediately be able to enter pastoral ministry (These efforts are to begin during the final three months of the residency).

In addition, the goal of our pastoral residency program is not to help determine whether an individual is called to ministry. This program is built for those who are certain of their call to pastoral ministry and who are willing to be involved in a church planting or church revitalization effort.


We are especially focusing this pastoral residency on the cause of revitalization. There are dozens of churches in our area who are struggling and on the verge of closing their doors forever. These churches have decreased in both numbers and influence. Many of them have lost their witness of the gospel and are no longer making an impact for eternity. We desire to place gospel-focused men in these churches and provide them with the ongoing support they need to lead these churches to experience revitalization.

This task is not easy and it is not for everyone. While not everyone who completes our pastoral residency program will enter a revitalization effort, we will spend a great deal of time exploring what church revitalization is and is not. These conversations will be a help to you regardless of where God leads you in ministry.


Interns will spend much of their time engaging in conversation with the Pastor of Grace, other pastors in our area, and those already involved in revitalization efforts.

The intern’s time each week will be divided as follows (Approximates):

30%- Reading books on ministry and discussing with Pastor Wallace & other pastors (See List of Books)

30%- Involved in leading an aspect of GBC’s Ministry

15%- Observing/critiquing GBC ministries, meeting with church leaders & members, other visits

15%- Sermon preparation as well as preaching/teaching evaluation with Pastor Wallace

10%- Attending Deacon meetings, Trustee meetings, Missions Committee meetings, and staff meetings

  • Papers will be required at the conclusion of each month on the specific topics covered
  •  Interns will read approximately 30-40 books as part of this pastoral residency.
  • Pastoral interns will have opportunities to preach in each of the church’s primary gathering times, as well as in various small group settings.
  •  Interns will be involved in service planning.

Pastoral interns may travel with our pastor to a conference at some point during the residency.


Each topic listed below will be the focal point for a period of 1-4 weeks depending on the depth of the topic, the length of the residency, and the specific needs/desires of the intern.


  • Biblical Ecclesiology
  • Philosophy of Ministry- The Metrics of Success
  • Gauging Health
  • Church Structure & Leadership
  • Biblical Pastoral Leadership
  • The Role of Deacons and Elders
  • Gospel-focused Funerals and Weddings
  • Dealing with Conflict Biblically
  • Personal Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Care
  • Church Finances
  • Service Planning
  •  Building Community- Considering the options
  • Member Care
  • Social Media/Advertising/Promotion/Websites
  • Systems of Church Communication
  •  Implementing Change
  • A Complete Missions Strategy
  •  Developing a Discipleship Process
  • Building a Membership Class
  • The Role of Preaching in Church Revitalization
  • Pastoral Administration and Organization


  • Men who are aiming at pastoral ministry
  • Those who are able to affirm the GBC statement of Faith
  • Those who are living in close proximity to the church (within 30 miles)
  • Those who have a desire to be involved in church planting, replanting, or revitalization efforts
  • Those who have completed a bachelor’s degree
  • Those who are willing to become a member of Grace


We offer either a 9-month or 12-month pastoral residency beginning the first of January, April, or September.


We require a minimum of a 25-hour work week (part-time), but this could be extended to a 40-hour work week (full-time) depending on available resources, needs, and other considerations. Specific hours will be set at time of hiring.


Pastoral interns are required to attend all regular church services.

Please contact us with questions regarding residency opportunities by emailing us at residency@gbcws.com

Frequently Asked questions


Does Grace provide internships for women? No. Our internships are geared for men who believe God has called them to pastoral ministry and are actively pursuing that calling.


Where should I be in my education before doing the internship? We require you to have completed a bachelor’s degree.


Do I need to purchase books for required reading? No. The church will provide those for you.


Can I begin my internship other than in January, April, or September? No. These dates are selected as they enable you to be exposed to church ministry at key times throughout the year.


Can I be married? Yes!


Can I get seminary credit? Not formally. You may be able to get elective credit if you school requires an internship or if they will allow you to count your internship toward elective classes. We are currently in communication with several seminaries about further opportunities to receive credit.


How many interns do you have at one time? Since we are early in the development of this program we will have one to two interns at a time. That may increase in the future.


Can I work a job during the internship? Yes, as long as you are able to have a steady internship schedule that remains the same from week to week and as long as the job does not interfere with you attending our services.


Where does vacation fit into the internship? If you are participating in a 9-month internship, you are given one week off during that 9 months. If you are participating in a 12-month internship, you are given two weeks off.


How are interns involved in the church? No ministry will be rooted completely in our interns. We want you to have the flexibility to be exposed to a variety of ministries in our church.


What if there are no regional replant or revitalization opportunities available at the end of my internship? The goal is for you to move into a Grace sponsored revitalization or planting effort. However, we understand that there may not be an opportunity available at the end of your internship. If no such opportunities are available, we will assist you in finding a pastoral position elsewhere. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be offered a position.