Mission Agencies

Below you will find the agencies that Grace has partnered with in sharing the Gospel around the world. 

  • ABWE

    ABWE missionaries carry out a complete spectrum of biblical ministries, specializing in discipleship-evangelism that plants and multiplies churches which will pick up the torch of missions themselves and launch their own local and global missions movements. Our objective is: church-planting movements leading to missions movements for the glory of God. “From every nation to every nation!”

    Website: abwe.org

  • Awana

    Awana is a global, nonprofit ministry committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him.

    How does Awana fulfill this mission? Through God’s guidance and power, Awana strives to: Reach Kids, Equip Leaders, and Change the World.

    Website: awana.org

  • Baptist Bible Fellowship International

    The Baptist Bible Fellowship International is officially a fellowship of pastors, and by extension, a network of preachers, churches, missionaries, and educational institutions worldwide, affiliated for the purpose of church planting and sharing the truth of the Word of God.

    Website: bbfi.org

  • Baptists Equipping Nationalists

    Baptists Equipping Nationals is one of the best kept secrets in missions today. Unintentionally so. This page is dedicated to acquainting God’s people with a uniquely strategic ministry. Before joining, supporting, or promoting the work an agency or institution is doing, it is important to discover who they are and where they stand. The links on this page lead to BEN’s history, mission statement, doctrinal statement, and philosophy of training. We invite you to review these important documents and get to know this ministry.

    Website: ben1040.org

  • Baptist Faith Missions

    Baptist Faith Missions assists Baptist churches to send God-called missionaries to fulfill church-planting missions in the nations of the world.

    We believe that "essential Great Commission missions" is to preach the Gospel, evangelize, baptize disciples, establish Baptist churches, and train the disciples to obey everything that our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded.

    Website: baptistfaithmissions.org

  • Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

    Evangelism and church planting in Northeast Brazil have been, and continue to be, our first responsibility. We shall use every legitimate means to accomplish our God-given task. But compromise in essential, fundamental doctrinal matters is for us a wrong course to follow. 

    Website: bgfmission.com

  • Baptist International Outreach

    BIO was organized in 1985 for the purpose of opening countries closed to the Gospel by means of deaf education and other symbiotic methods that do not violate Biblical principles.

    BIO is a full service missions agency with well-established expectations and guidelines for our missionaries. However, we also honor the authority of the pastor and the sending church and respect the leadership of the Holy Spirit in the life of the missionary on the field.

    Website: biomissions.org

  • Baptist International Missions, INC

    We are a faith mission agency. Every missionary must trust God by faith to provide the financial and prayer support needed to enter the mission field. Missionaries are not guaranteed support by BIMI. They receive faith commitments from churches who agree to undertake their financial and prayer support

    Website: bimi.org

  • Baptist Mid-Missions

    The Baptist Mid-Missions Family exists to strategically advance the building of Christ’s church, with His passion and for His glory, in vital partnership with Baptist churches worldwide.”

    We invite you to read our story and view the timeline of how God has built Baptist Mid-Missions into a global sending agency. Learn about where we serve and about the men and women who are pouring their lives into the building of Christ’s church worldwide.

    Website: bmm.org

  • Biblical Ministries Worldwide

    "Our purpose is to serve the Lord and local churches by establishing reproducing churches through evangelism, discipleship and leadership development."

    Website: biblicalministries.org

  • Bridging The World

    Bridging the World is doing just that, creating cultural bridges between different cultures, since 2001. We have opportunities for people of all ages from different places in our world to come together, teach English As A Second Language (ESL), experience building relationships, and learning from one another.

    Website: bridgingtheworld.org

  • Baptist World Mission

    Baptist World Mission began in 1961, first serving in Chicago, IL. Since its inceptions the mission has sought to effectively serve its missionaries, their sending churches, and supporters.

    Website: baptistworldmission.org

  • Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries

    BWMOM is unique because we believe that the authority of the local New Testament church and the authority of the home take precedence over the role of the mission board. We exist to serve the missionary and the local church. We do not hinder the missionary from fulfilling his or her calling. We do not dictate personal convictions, and we do not micro manage mission support.

    Website: bwmom.org

  • Calvary Jail Ministries

    The mission of Calvary Jail Ministries, Inc. is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with county, state, or federal jail or prison inmates through evangelism, discipleship, and Bible Study.

    Website: calvaryjail.com

  • Co-Laborers International

    We’re the new generation of dreamers, the do-ers not the sleepers, the standers not the sitters, the feet to the pavement, the movers and shakers, the caregivers, the prayer warriors, the hand raisers, the faithful in the little & faithful in the much, the dreamers, the reality changers.

    Website: colaborersinternational.com

  • Church Planting America

    “For we are laborers together with God…” 1 Corinthians 3:9

    “Our Mission is to help God-called men plant Baptist churches and to assist pastors in building healthy, dynamic, visionary congregations.

    Website: churchplantingamerica.org

  •  Ethonos360

  • Faith Baptist Mission

    Faith Baptist Mission seeks to meet the biblical mandate of training, equipping, evaluating and supporting missionaries by assisting churches as an integrated auxiliary/mission society of Faith Baptist Church of Winter Haven, Inc.

    Website: faithbaptistmission.org

  • Gap (Gospel to All People) Missions Ministries

    GAP MISSIONS MINISTRIES role is to motivate, develop and equip people for world evangelization; to strengthen and plant indigenous churches; to create Bible Institutes and training centers, especially in underdeveloped nations where peoples access to books and media is limited; ... Our vision encompasses the United States and the World, but our emphasis is especially among the unreached people groups of Africa, the Middle East, South and Central Asia, and other countries where Christianity has limited access.

    Website: gapmissions.org

  • Global Faith Mission

    The purpose of Global Faith Mission Agency is to share the gospel of Christ with as many people groups as possible through the dedicated efforts of personnel from the US and other nationalities. The church of the 21st century faces some of the greatest challenges in the history of world evangelism, and also some of the greatest opportunities in the history of Christianity! Global Faith Mission Agency seeks to serve both church and missionary in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

    Website: globalfaithmission.org

  • Independent Faith Mission

    IFM is committed to establishing Baptist churches, to Biblical Christianity and to a strong separatist position. A number of years ago, we adopted a line underneath the name of Independent Faith Mission which states, " A Fundamental Baptist Mission." Our use of the term fundamental stems from the great doctrinal controversies which arose in the early years of this century. We hold to those doctrines which were outlined as the great fundamentals of the faith.

    Website: ifmnews.com

  • Mount Abarim Baptist Mission International

    The primary goal of MABMI is to win the lost to Christ and see New Testament local churches started as a result. All other ministries are with this goal in mind. Within the scope of this outreach, a Fund is established for the subsidy support of international church planters from third world countries for predetermined time periods allowing full time ministry until the church can assume its responsibility. 

    Website: mountabarim.org

  • Mission Aviation Fellowship

    You'll find MAF in the hardest-to-reach locations, where people live isolated from the rest of the world, cut off from the most basic necessities. Our highly trained pilots maneuver Cessna and KODIAK aircraft through rugged terrain. And while passengers might hold their breath, MAF pilots skillfully land at short, unimproved airstrips on the sides of mountains, in jungle clearings, or on tropical rivers—to bring medicine and doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, Bible translators, food supplies, agriculture and clean water projects, and more. Why do we do it? Because we’re passionate about sharing Christ's love beyond where the road ends.

    Website: maf.org

  • Missions to Military

    Since its inception in 1958, Missions To Military, Inc. continues to be a specialized missionary agency designed to win and train the military for Jesus Christ. The daily operation of our Military Christian Centers in the U.S., as well as in France, and a special adaption in Ukraine to Russian and Ukraine military, is perhaps likened to the USO, but with a designed and purposed Christian emphasis.

    Website: missionstomilitary.org

  • Macedonia World Baptist Missions

    The purpose of Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. is to assist local independent Baptist churches in the servicing of their missionary families as they are sent forth around the world to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the goal of establishing local New Testament Churches.

    Website: mwbm.org

  • Titus International

    Training Nationals To Reach Their World—More than a slogan, this is the core of Titus' mission. Since our origin in 1984, we have been committed to the training and deployment of national Christian workers in foreign countries. Our methods of accomplishing that training and deployment have changed over the years, but not our commitment.

    Website: titusinternational.org

  • Winston Salem Rescue Mission

    We are a Christian, non-denominational service ministry, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of hurting people in the Triad area so that we might proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring glory to God.

    Website: wsrescue.org

    Facebook: WSRescue

  • World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

    Our ministry is to maintain a mission agency that promotes the work of missions through presenting needy fields, surveying new fields, enlisting laborers, and assisting missionaries on deputation and on the field. We seek to awaken a vision of the needs of the world through printed materials, personal interviews, and mission conferences.

    Website: wwntbm.org